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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2009 New Year Astrology Forecast Part 2

From the part one forecast, Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces have their learning advantage this year regardless of how and what experiences. Especially Sagittariuses, their need for learning and study ambiance will be their major concern as this would be their primary weapon for career and fortune. While family-oriented Leo, happiness seeker Libra and money-making Capricorns are on for positive energy for this whole year of the Ox.

However, Taurus signs will take the positive karma for better career opportunities and promotions. Though, there is no imperative mark from their planetary connection of their need to learn more this year, it would be their hidden advantage as they rank up through promotions. They naturally crave for new knowledge hence erudition will be a natural thing for Taurus people.

Aries, on the other hand, have to focus more on their career and work so that they can work up to promotion as Taurus have. They'll have a tough time for changes and adjustment as their environment stir a crescendo of hectic work drama. If Aries survives these battles until half of the year, they can eye up for better promotion and salary raise. Aries' love partners or family would be their strength to escape the work stress throughout the year.

While Aries will be busy with their work, Scorpio then will be on for home-building desires. They'll be apt to renovating and redecorating their house as their association with real states appeals on their sign this year. Leadership skills and strategies are essential too as the year start for Scorpio. Showing off mastery to their specific field will attract promotions by the end of the year since some employees and superiors keep an eye on your good standings. Otherwise, stay track with your home building with your partner and family as this would be the year for structuring a family expansion.

Virgos will experience symptoms of being workaholics as they focus more on their project deadlines. Connecting with friends sometimes will help you remind of your love path since Virgo will lose track of it as they battle proving something to themselves and to others. Though, seeking perfection from career is possible, love life and love relationship will be in danger if left unbalanced with work.

The center of attraction for Cancer this year is the idea of money and money spending. Therefore, Cancer should watch out for envious eyes and backstabber from your office work and environment as they might think you gain more than you should be getting. There will be a probable instant promotions at the beginning of the year so you'll sure ending up saving more until the end of the Ox's year. You also need to ask advices with buying appliances and researching for better investments for your money. A suggestion for saving more and investing with stable profitable businesses should Cancer first consider.

And finally Aquarius, the one who got every good timing for this year. Whether you believe with luck or good karma, you'll sure be amazed with nice events and scenarios that goes fluently through your way. So, it would be an advantage for your extra earning “look out” as you will seek more alternative jobs. But watch out with you being tempted with money spending by the last quarter of the year because of some impractical choices. Also, practicality at work should be your major concern too as you might waste your time and energy from unworthy or unproductive projects.

For Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, Leo, Libra and Capricorn Signs, read your astrology at 2009 New Year Astrology Forecast Part 1

by raphnix
All rights reserved. January, 2009

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Spiritual Blogger said...

Hi Raphnix, I'm a Scorpio and what you've mentioned sounds spot on to me! It sounds like 2009 is going to be an interesting year, looking forward to it :-)

raphnix said...

@Spiritual Blogger
Thanks for the review. I hope it will help you in some way to make your whole year positive and productive.

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