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Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 New Year Astrology Forecast Part 1

Isn't it wonderful to have a positive outlook for the new coming year? A neutral expectation that will either warn, guide and excite us about the possible outcomes this new year might render. Some cunning predictions and pattern analysis by psychics and astrologers keep us on track of what things to come and what awaits for our new life for this whole new year. A kind of resolution that will list the nighest DOs and DON'Ts we can rely on for the rest of the year depending on our star and planet association.

The new track of earth to a whole orbital cycle towards the sun can either advantageous or perilous to one's Star Signs or zodiac polarity. Say, a Gemini might find this year as diverting and jumpy thus will end up either like a life-learning adventure or a crazy unpredictable living. His/her emotional and physical strengths would be the weapon as they seek for the most fulfilling journey to spirituality this year. The odds between his/her life patterns pertain changes and career deviations. Changes that could right-track Gemini people's path through a year-end success and wisdom.

Just like Gemini's possible fate this year, Sagittarius people will encounter new things though not necessarily as changes of their life route. It's a kind of educational enrichment where new ideas, principles and field innovations will excite Sagittariuses as they crave for more knowledge-seeking ventures. Student Sagittarius might find this year surprising as they might come up with unique ideas as for invention, principle or technology innovations.

As Pisces also seek for things to learn this year, most of it will be from the people he/she will meet or drawn to. The more friends and acquaintances Pisces gain this year, the more they will be successful as Sagittariuses do in seeking perfect erudition. They might encourage themselves to excel in their field through the influence of his/her team and team mates. Group studies will be the closest experiment for their learning patterns.

But people that will surround Leos this year won't be a training advantage for them. Otherwise, they will be just their coercive inspiration to progress in their career and lifestyle. Especially with their family and friends, the mutual status of relationship with Leo will define their success drive. Likewise, more friends and close acquaintances will be one of his/her primary assets in business, career and diplomatic-sort of growth.

Self-worth and enjoyment would be the odd basic of Libra people this year. They're mostly eyeing their pursuit of happiness along with their nostalgia for their younger or childhood fun and plays. Though some signs might find Libras to be shallow towards felicitousness, their lightheartedness will become symmetrical to the positive attitude Sagittarius are known to.

Yet Libra's pursuit of happiness isn't elaborate about what would be their common candy to enjoy, money would be for Capricorn's. The cash and credit flow would be their constant business as they spend and earn more finances this year. Some might possibly win raffle draws and even lottery as their luck for money-making exhorts. Capricorn's quest for high salary jobs would be a piece of cake as they grab every opportunities that will pour to their way. Their ability to control and budget wealth would be the key to their impending prosperity through the end of 2009.

For Aries, Scorpio, Aquarius, Cancer, Virgo and Taurus Signs, read your astrology at 2009 New Year Astrology Forecast Part 2.

by raphnix
All rights reserved. January, 2009

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